Lessons in Tarot DVD
Fun, Entertaining and Packed with Information!

Everyone knows Sedona is the New Age Capital of the World.  Here, you find the best psychics, readers, healers and the most metaphysical people anywhere. This is another Brand New release in “The Sedona Series” of enlightening and fun DVD’s from Ronald James Television.  It's not yet available in stores.
You won't believe how much information we've packed into this DVD!  
Meet Gigi, a professional Tarot Reader.  Unlike readers who do mostly phone and web work, the readers of Sedona do most of their work face to face.  So, in order to get paid and have repeat clients, they have to be good.

Gigi is going to take you on a fun journey through the basics of Tarot, using the standard Tarot configuration of the Major Arcana and Four Suits.  We go over every single card and the potential and likely representations of the card.  We also cover timing and other aspects of a reading.  You will see a live reading, and also join student Kim as she learns the cards and does her first Tarot spread. 

Gigi also stresses the importance of using the cards as a vehicle for intuition and developing your own abilities around the cards.  The instruction will work with any Tarot Deck.

We taped this DVD with four cameras, so you have excellent views of the lessons. It has a great set of graphics and cool music too.  The DVD is menu indexed so that you can go right to the section you want to study or reference.  This DVD so far is only available in Sedona and here on Ebay, prior to worldwide distribution in metaphysical books stores and magazine ads.  In Sedona it retails for $29.00, so it’s a bargain here.  Your DVD is brand new, shrink wrapped and retail packaged.  As with all of our products, your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

Are you part of the awakening of mankind?  Are you ready to receive the divine messages Tarot Cards facilitate?  Whether you are an accomplished reader or just interested, this DVD is a must have for your collection. Great graphics, great music and great lessons.  There’s nothing else like it.  Enjoy!   


$16.95 plus $3 shipping/handling